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We live in an age when pictures are all the rage, especially with all phones equipped with pretty powerful cameras. As such, your computer may stop saving your image collection, but it can be cumbersome to manage them manually. In that sense, ImageRanger is a powerful tool for finding and organizing images.

ImageRanger indexes the photos on your computer or storage device so you can:

Upload thousands of images quickly

Search portraits, faces

Sort and filter

Find duplicates and make copies

Sort by folder by year, by location

Cut, resize very fast

Collect collections manually in multiple folders

Sort images by illustrations and other clipart

Look for low quality images and increase image contrast

Perform general photo management tasks

Print hundreds of photos

ImageRanger Features

– Image indexing

ImageRanger only needs to browse through your photo collection once and you can search, sort, and filter images at any time.

– Support for NAS and USB disks

ImageRanger indexes can be saved directly to a remote folder. This way, you can quickly search and sort your photos on any other engine with a pre-built index.

– Manual classification

Exclude or include only the folders you need when browsing images. Alternatively, ImageRanger can read your entire storage device.

– Collection

Save and upload previously found image collections so you can quickly recover important slideshows manually.

– Face recognition

ImageRanger also detects faces in large portraits and group photos, so you can tag faces and find photos with specific people quickly.

– Duplicate removal

ImageRanger shows the number of duplicates and lets you remove redundant content.

– Arrange in folders

Possibility to import all photos into a new folder structure, organized by time and location of shooting.

– GPS filtering

With built-in GPS location, your photos are automatically sorted by the city they were taken. You can find all 5 meter photos from anywhere on earth

ImageRanger Pro Edition 1

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