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IrectUpdate – allows you to replace a dynamic IP address with a fixed address, for example, as you already know, with a dial-up connection (and some others too) to the Internet, a different IP address is assigned to a computer in each communication session . DirectUpdate allows you to have persistent and easy to remember addresses (like DNS). Additional features include the ability to call back when disconnected, remote control, email notifications, and more, including installation on Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 as a service.

DirectUpdate is the first and only dynamic dns client updater as an NT service with remote management. Do you want to host your own web / ftp server, but don’t have a fixed IP address? Dynamic dns is for you! Create an account and run DirectUpdate on your machine, you will have your domain always up to date pointing to your machine! The main features of DirectUpdate are: – Full NT service (/ 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008/7) and similar services (98 / I). – Remote administration. – Secure updates (SSL or MD5) (when supported by the server). Built-in administrative web server. – Supports multiple accounts. – Supports many IP addresses simultaneously (ISP, VPN, …) – Email notifications, FTP uploads, RAS connection management

DirectUpdate v4.8

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