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DataCAD is a professional AEC CADD program for architectural design, photorealistic rendering, animation and construction document creation. Developed by software architects and engineers, DataCAD includes tools that make design and fabrication easier, such as automatic placement of doors and windows, associative sizing and hatching, automated 3D framing, and Teigha-based DXF / DWG translators. DataCAD is listed as the second most used software by registered architects, according to a recent study by the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

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DataCAD allows you to compile, edit and prepare accurate construction documents. More than just a design tool, DataCAD includes automated 3D modeling and photorealistic visualization tools that keep you ahead of the competition. You control lighting, cast shadows, and apply texture maps to create captivating 24-bit color images of your latest project. Previewing a design in advance allows you and your client to save time and money by agreeing to changes early in the design process.


Load DataCAD onto your laptop and transfer it directly to your construction site. It has special features for builders and contractors to help you increase productivity and improve quality. For example, the built-in DataCAD framing utility automates 3D framing for floors, walls, and roofs. In fact, you see how the software goes around building walls and finds the location of stairs, doors, windows, and windows.

DataCAD 22.00

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