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In an isolated city in Oregon, a high school teacher and her brother join her amazing student, whose dark secrets lead to horrific meetings with a mythical creature from the ancestors who came before them.

Careful and knowledgeable, Kate is a good example of a good killer in the middle of her game. But when he acts uncharacteristically doing a job targeting a Yakuza member in Tokyo, he quickly discovers that he has been poisoned, a brutal massacre that gives him less than 24 hours to avenge his killers. As her body deteriorates rapidly, Kate forms a healthy relationship with the teenage daughter of one of her former victims. Netflix

Five elite hunters pay to chase a man off to a desert island, just to be prey.

The racist woman accepts as a personal commitment to the removal of the new black family that has just moved to the neighborhood, but will not retire without war.

Antlers 2021

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