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As in the original film 25 years ago, the cute teenage girl was home alone when the phone rang. The man wanted to play with her. Threatening to kill his best friend Taras is forced to play. He barely survives as a ghost disguised as a blow to the face of an attacker. Her 5-year-old sister Sam (Anta), who left home at the age of 18 due to mental health problems, Sam’s friend and Taras’s high school friend will visit her at the hospital. Later at the bar, the man provoked his friends and then attacked him outside in the Ghostface car park. Sam calls from the hospital and then can’t attack him. Then she reveals her family secrets to her sister. Sam contacted one of the first victims, Dewey, for help. He warned two other original victims, Sidney Prescott and Gail Weathers, against returning to Ghostface. Who is Ghostface? How much longer does he have to die? Scott Filtenborg

Scream 2022

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